Located in the lobby of the Fine Arts Building in the southwest precinct of the University of Victoria, Art's Place is one of a series of coffee facilities that are distributed throughout campus, supplementing the larger more centralized dining areas.   Designed as a free-standing sculptural object, the coffee outlet had to float in the space without touching walls or windows.  When secured after hours, the design takes on a glowing lantern effect from within and below; it also had to achieve transparency to allow daylight to continue into the lobby.  Wood slats achieved these objectives and wood was specifically used as a contrast in warmth, colour and texture within this elegant 2-storey space.  Western birch, with a

clear finish, was selected for the

Client:  University of Victoria

Services:  Architecture

Cost:  $200,000

Size:  15 M2

Completion:  2011

Location:  Victoria, British Columbia

Award:  Interior Beauty Design, Canadian Wood Council 2012

exterior slats as a rich hardwood able to withstand wear and tear while retaining a consistent warm texture, day and night.  It also conforms to UVic's commitment to sustainability as a renewable material.

The kiosk is structurally framed with HSS members to provide required rigidity strength with minimal dimension.  The base is stainless steel with a continuous strip of LED lighting that reflects off the base and floor tiles to give an appearance of the kiosk floating in the space.  Openings vary:  raised flaps at servery areas, a roll-up shutter at display cases, sliding panels facing the windows and a sliding barn door for staff access.  Again, wood provided the most flexible material for each of these applications.